N.S.Z.V. Ha-Stu is one of the biggest studentsportassociations of Nijmegen with more than 100 members. We have 4 teams for ladies and 2 teams for gentlemen who play in the competition of the Dutch Handbal Federation. Besides participation in the competition, we also participate in different (student) tournaments in the Netherlands and abroad. Lastly, Ha-Stu organises many activities for all the members like a memberweekend, pubcrawls, Ha-Stu Masterchef and our very own Ha-Stu tournament!


Competition season 2018-2019

Gentlemen 1: Second Division
Gentlemen 2: Second class

Ladies 1: Second class
Ladies 2: Second class
Ladies 3: Recreational sports
Ladies 4: Recreational sports


New practice schedule season 2020/2021

There is a new practice schedule for the new season. With the new schedule we hope to give everybody the opportunity to train on their own level and the teams will get more time to train in their own group.


19.00-20.30 Ladies 3+4

20.00-21.30 Ladies 1+2 OR gents 1+2

21.15-23.00 Ladies 1+2 OR gents 1+2


18.00-19.30 Ladies OR gents

19.30-21.00 Ladies OR gents

19.00-20.00 Goalie training

As you can see in the schedule above, the times of practice change monthly. The practices will take place in hall 2 except the goalie training which will take place in a third of hall 1. You can find the practice schedule here.


Do you want to join a practice? We have a waiting list, send an email to info@hastu.nl and you will be on the waiting list.

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