Let's play handball in Nijmegen!

Let's play handball in Nijmegen!


Welcome to the website of N.Z.S.V. Ha-Stu!

Ha-Stu is the handball association for students in Nijmegen. With at the moment one gents team, and 3 ladies teams playing at different levels, Ha-Stu has been competing in the Dutch handball league since 1976. Besides playing handball, Ha-Stu is also a good place to have a fun time studying. Ha-Stu exists for and because of its members, who run committees, talk over a beer in the sports cafe, organize and take part in tournaments, and not to be forgotten: party in our regular cafe! In short, being a Hastuid stands for a combination of being a fanatic handball player and a student.

To contact the board, click here or send us an email at info@nullhastu.nl




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