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Student handball association Ha-Stu Nijmegen

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We leave cookies (small and temporary files with information) on your device. Below we'll explain which cookies we leave. A detailed description of all cookies can be found here.

Functional cookies

With these, we optimize your user experience. Functional cookies, for example, remember in which language you read a website, where you left a page and whether you already read and accepted our cookie notice. We do not need to ask permission for these cookies.

Analytic cookies

With analytic cookies from Google Analytics, we can analyse the number of visitors, and from which regions and devices we are visited. All data are on an aggregated level. These analytic cookies are anonymous and thus we do not need to ask permission.

'Third-party' cookies

When we show content from other websites on ours (think of: a 'Google Maps' map, a 'Youtube' video or a 'Facebook' feed), it behaves like you visited their websites. These websites can collect data on you, leave cookies, embed tracking from third parties and monitor your interaction with the embedded content. If you are logged in on these websites in your browser, they might even link your activity to your user account there. You explicitly have to give permission for these cookies.


You are in charge of your personal data. We invite you to contact us if you would like to have insight in your data, or when you want them removed.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics collects user information from our website, such as the date, time, region and duration of your visit and the device you used. Your data are anonymised to an incomplete IP-address, so that there are no traceable personal data. After 14 months, these are deleted, so that only aggregated data are available. These data are not shared with third parties, nor with other Google services.

Personal data (contact forms)

By filling out our contact form, you provide traceable personal data. We used your data to contact you back, to respond to your question. Your message and personal data will reach us via e-mail. You can regard filling out the form as sending an e-mail. To prevent data loss, the submitted forms are stored on the web server for 3 months. We do not share your data with third parties and will not use them for marketing.

Personal data (subscription as a member, for an event, puchase of merchansie)

By filling out the subscription form, you submit traceable personal data. Your personal data will be used to process your subscription, to inform you on the progress, to collect costs, to subscribe you to the Dutch Handball Federation or to conact you for additional details. The H-Stu board or the organising committee will receive an e-mail with your details. You can regard submitting a form as sending an e-mail. To prevent data loss, your message is stored on the web server for 3 months. We will not share your data with third parties. We are allowed to use your e-mail address to notify you on upcoming events. When you have ordered merchandise with your name on it, we have to provide your name to the supplier. Details of how we process personal data of our members can be found here.

Personal data (login to view restricted content)

When you resgiter for a user account, you provide traceable personal data. You have to choose a username and you will provide your name and e-mail address. Your name and username will be provided to the board via e-mail, so they can verify you are really a Ha-Stu member that should have access to the restricted area. The board will ultimately grant you access. Only you know your password. The data are obviously stored on the web server, to regulate access. You may always request removel of these data, but then also your access will expire. The board will clean up the list of users on a regular basis, to exclude former members. Your data will not be shad=red with third parties. In the restricted area, pictures of activities will be available. You may request removal of a picture if you are on it. Please make your request via the contact form.