"Remember, that one night at Ruig...?" The coziness of a pub mixed with the atmospheres of a club or a festival.
So count on awesome DJ'S, sweet bartenders and the most handsome partygoers. Together, we create new memories.


An atmospheric place where you have a drink with friends or colleagues, go out or tap. Since 2019, Tappers has been known for its cozy atmosphere and dynamics, great service, good music and the best activities. From relaxed drinks to going crazy until the early hours: go out in Nijmegen at Tappers!
Drinks, parties, team outings. How about a drink at your own regular table with your own beer column? Let's see who taps the nicest beer...! Or opt for a fine specialty beer menu, learn to make the tastiest cocktails or put the nicest Friday afternoon drinks into practice. At Tappers the possibilities are endless.


VDG engages in a variety of activities. Whether we are working on an investment, financing, leisure, blow-up of EPS, concrete floor or the construction of a new business property, our goal is always to provide the best solution for our client. We have been doing this as Van Dijk Groep for more than 50 years and we are incredibly proud of that.

Through our diverse activities, we serve clients at all stages, from finding building land to managing a commercial property. All with a link to the construction and/or real estate world.




Want an (online) workshop where you get hands-on with the subject yourself? Then you've come to the right place at hvier.nl. You get 20% theory on the subject and 80% working on the subject. A workshop should be interactive. So no long presentations with one question to the participants at the end. The workshops are about personal and business development. Think of subjects such as core quadrants, time management, presenting, intervision, networking, acquisition. A workshop gives you confirmation and new insights. It is educational and sociable. These workshops are interesting, for example, as a warm-up for a theme day or during a conference.

Want to know more? Then take a look at hvier.nl. or faster, call me on 06-12467429.


At Fysiotherapie Bottendaal, we focus on athletes with injuries who would like to return to sport as soon as possible. We can also help optimise sports performance and can help prevent injuries. We do this at both professional and amateur level and from young to old. Fysiotherapie Bottendaal is the best address for every athlete!




DressMe and Ha-Stu have now been working together for over seven years to ensure that Ha-Stu members can walk around in the finest merchandise.

At DressMe, you can find the most beautiful printed or embroidered clothing. Think of (sports) shirts, hoodies, sweatpants, jumpers, beanies and so on. All with your own design on it! Name, back number, logos, fun or crazy texts, in one or more colours. If you let DressMe know that you are a member of Ha-Stu, you will receive a 10% discount on the entire order.

Huisman Sport

The most spaciously stocked sports shop in the region with a whopping 800 m2 under one roof. At Huisman Sport we have been passionately selling sporting goods for almost 100 years where personal advice, service, professionalism and quality are very important. The Huisman Sport Team consists of a team of sports podologists to trainers and of sportsmen and women to athletes. Together this guarantees a large dose of knowledge, experience and wide choice for every athlete.

Besides the many private customers from the region, we can also count dozens of (sports) associations, schools and municipalities among our regular customers. One of Huisman Sport's advantages for these organisations is that we have a lot of clubwear in stock and have extensive experience in printing team and company clothing, for example. A sports club logo is generally printed while you wait for it or run an errand, customisation and/or larger quantities are almost always done by appointment.

Stop by and be surprised! Visit the special Ha-Stu members' shop here.