December update!

We started off December with fresh spirit. We had coronaprooof practices in groups of four people. New, challenging exercises lead to great fanaticism and fun. You can all see this in our promo video! This month should have been full of festivities, handball and beer. Unfortunately, COVID-19 salted our game. Practices were cancelled and the Sinterkerst-baketivity was switched into a Netflix party. Of course with a good old Christmas movie! Despite all setbacks and the bars being closed, our sponsor sought very nice alternatives. There are 'oliebollen' and hot chocolate at De Kluizenaar! Our sponsor committee of course sat at the front row. Also, we will get a new and up-to-date website! Here you will be able to find all committees, teams, news, social media and much more. Enough to make it through these tough times. We would like to end with a positive and powerful message: have a Happy New Year and may 2021 be in good health, with a lot of sports and handball! We hope we can welcome you soon again in the Radboud Sports Centre or in a bar!