Oktober update

The start of the competition, the first weekend of October. Finally, Sundays in the sports hall again. The whole afternoon of watching, cheering, drinking beer and having fun has started again. After the matches, drinks can be enjoyed in the sports bar, which is finally open again. Several teams are having a great start to the season. Others are doing their best to win. Gents 3 is this year's new team within Ha-Stu. Many boys are playing competition for the first time. Already the most beautiful attacks and goals have been scored, which has resulted in 2 wins. 'Hey hoo Ha-Stu Lets Go'.

The new board has taken its place at the ALV. The baton has been handed over and they are ready to make it a super year. Board 2020/2021 thank you for everything! Besides the new board, also the committees have been formed. The first meetings and activities are planned. Are you enthusiastic, but have you not yet joined a committee? Go get it!The Sponcie, Batacie, Toeco and Members Weekend committee are still looking for fanatics. Next to maintaining (new) sponsors or organising a fantastic event, you can meet new (and old) members through the committee. Guaranteed a great group of people.

The Accie has organised its first activity of the new season. They kicked off with a karaoke night. What a great start. The whole evening the whole of Nijmegen could enjoy the singing of Ha-Stu. They did not always sing beautifully, but they did it with all their might. The next activities are already planned, so save the date! The PR-committee has also been busy. They have come up with a new concept: Get to know Ha-Stu. In this way you will get to know various members within Ha-Stu. What does the person do inside and outside the association? What is his favourite skill within handball? And many more fun facts. Our chairman will be the first to answer. Meet Laura!