February update

In 2020, the month of February was filled with fun activities. On Valentine's day, Ha-Stu organized its tournament "Magic in the air". A big party was thrown and everyone dressed to impress. Together with other student associations we blew the roof of the Cultuur Café off and had a magical evening. Even though we were having the biggest hangover of our life, we still played handball like professionals. Furthermore, let's not forget "Carnaval". We went to the "stropdaskroegentocht" in Lampegat Eindhoven disguised as to the aquarium theme. Jellyfish, snorkelers and mermaids, were all to be found in the Ha-Stu group. "De dag viel letterlijk in het water" but it only made the party better. Although we are unfortunately missing lots of fun activities in 2021, we have beautiful memories at which to look back.

Back to the future. February, 2021 was all about work-out challenges with fun and hard exercises organised by our trainers. The "team challenge" gave enthusiasm and motivation as every team wanted to win. Only up for a week and you cannot miss the Ha-Stu members running in Kronenburgerpark. Hoepefully, those work-out will help the team to end the season being fit. The best news regarding Corona pandemic came last Tuesday, 23rd of February when the Prime Minister Mark Rutte announced that we are allowed to train outside again! In what way Ha-Stu will be able to train outside is a question to be answered, but we begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

The baking activity organised by the Activity Committee gave a nice closure to the month of February. Teams baked the most beautiful cookies while completing challenges. The Crazy 88 was the most successful and beloved activity and the remaining photos and videos are amazing. We will later announce the results and the winner will get a Ha-Stu apron. This month was full of "togetherness" and sheds a hopeful perspective on March!