April update

April, the month that everybody has been looking forward to. 9th of April would be THE day: the Ha-Stu Tournament 2021, the most fun tournament of the year with the best theme. Who is dressed best this year? Who can drink the most beers? And who can play handball when hangover best? All questions that unfortunately could not have been answered this year which is a big disappointment. But the Toeco has planned an alternative: the Ha-Stu Beach Tournament on the 12th of June! This time without other handball associations, but we are already fun ourselves ;) . This is a day to look forward to!

This month, Ha-Stu has had a lot of things to do. April was all about the Beer Olympics and the RAG-Week run for money. Beer has been drank in large amounts, but there has also been a lot of running. The different countries have competed for the gold medal. A lot of chugs has been done and we have shown our handball skills during beer pong. Besides that, we were able to show our increased condition and motivation during the money run. Next to running, we could get a beer at our sponsor de Kluizenaar, which has been made to use a lot. Thank you Accie, Sponcie and Bata!

And now, it starts to become a real spring weather. Our trainings are held in the sun and there is a positive, healthy and cosy vibe. Training together has never been more fun. And our committees have been busy with thinking about new activities and happenings. This means good things are coming in May!